The Black Ikara

The Ikara looks great in black. The first prototype and probably the most photographed of the Ikara cars. Both prototypes were sold to an Adelaide consortium in the early 1980's. It changed hands a few times before being sold to Peter Carr, who eventually sold it to its current owner, who incidentally attended the official launch of the Ikara all those years ago. The car was Turbo Charged in 1983.

On Australia Day 2017 I met John Muddle who looked after Ikara #1 for a weekend, probably late 1979, when the car was up in Sydney having its suspension tweeked by Neil Stephens. John kindly sent me some photos.

This photo of Campbell Bolwell and Ikara # 1 didn't make the cut for the brouchure.

August 2014
Chassis off to the sandblasters...

Just after arriving in SA...still with NSW plates

Picture taken at Aldinga Beach, SA

Turbo Charged.

Taken in 1981 in Belair National Park in the Adelaide Hills. The Nagari is B8/12

Tony Cullen dragging off John Remfrey's hot Nagari at Coleraine one Easter

Tony Cullen at speed, Casterton Easter

In Adelaide 1981 or 1982

...a sequence of events...Easter 1983 (Hamilton, Victoria)