A unique Ikara

The original builder, and owner until 2012, worked as a sub-contractor for Bolwell during the development of the Ikara, in fact he worked on both the prototypes and was at the official launch. The car is made using some of the experimental panels (notice that the engine cover is different to the other cars) however the big difference is the construction of the windscreen frame...it is made of box steel, not fibreglass. The strength and flex of the windscreen frame has been a problem in all the cars, this solution changes the look of the car somewhat, but makes it more functional. It was originally painted British Racing Green and then painted maroon. In 1983 they won a hillclimb, however since 1985 it has been in storage.

March 2018

November 2012
"Work on #4 is slow, and I have started searching for and ordering some of the missing parts for it."

July 2012
The car has been sold and is moving to Queensland.

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