The Hong Kong Ikara

When the Ikara was released there was a lot of publicity both here and abroad. Cars # 5 and # 10 were both sold overseas. One went to South Africa and # 5 went to Hong Kong.

Please contact this site if you have any information about these cars.

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WOW... Ikara #5 photographed on 25 January 2015 in Hong Kong

Newly registered by the looks of it. Many thanks to Marc Yuen for sending me the photo.

Views of the Ikara from the 1986 movie"Rosa" have come to light

This photo are taken from the Spandau Ballet video for Highly Strung. The video was shot in Hong Kong and was released in 1984.

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Click on this You Tube link to see the Ikara in the video. 0:07

If you would like to view the whole video and reminisce the music of the '80s then click on this You Tube link 4:56 (the Ikara appears from 3:16 ~ 3:20)