Finally Restored !

Ikara # 11 was originally light blue. The car was sold in 2004 and was put back together as a weekend project.

Easter 2018

November 2012
"Just when I thought I was done with #11 and would be able to drive it around more, the engine self destructed!! I have found an engine rebuild shop in Brisbane that was interested enough in rebuilding a 35+ year old Volkswagen engine and work is progressing. I have included a  photo of the front of the Ikara with it's new "Ikara" plates. "


You can view pictures of the car at Adelaide Hills Panel Works website

June 2007 " is progressing very slowly but getting there. The windscreen is giving some problems, but no more than the rest of the it!! The wiring is the next challenge as none of it was provided."

This picture was taken early in 2004, you can see a lot of the components on the shelves in the background. The car was sold a few months later.

and these pictures are from late 2004, the gearbox has been rebuilt, the chassis strengthened....and you can see lots of components in the background.