The Last Ikara

That's right, the Bolwell company only produced 12 Kits. This car was built in Bungendore (near Canberra) 1980/81. Later it was sold to Alan Vong in Canberra, after sometime in storage it was sold to its current owner in Perth, WA. The windscreen had collapsed and the rest of the windscreen frame has been removed....awaiting repair.

More early pictures soon...

from the Bolly Blog November 2016

"Tucked away for some time now, the only Ikara in WA has been gathering dust and cobwebs and waiting for its resurrection. Things are about to change and the red Ikara has been moved over to Barry's for a bit of a tidy up. Well......more than a tidy up but the bottom line is that another Ikara is destined for the road."

...and here it is a few weeks later.....

In the middle of November 2013 the WA Bolwell Club had a dsplay of ALL of the Bolwell production models.

Ross and Kay's Ikara # 12 on display...

August 2012

  This is a picture from my visit to Perth at the end of August 2008. The owners are getting ready to work on the car, as they recently finished their MG TF resoration