Hints and Tips for your resoration

Although these items are directed to Ikara owners, other Bolwell owners may get some use out of them.

Rear Chassis Reinforcing and Gearbox Modifications
Download a PDF (1.2mb) of the work done to Ikara # 4, a great guide for all.

Retro Wheels
74 Roberts Avenue, Mortdale NSW 2223
phone 02 9570 3033
They have the original Ikara specs from Simmons as well as measurements from the wheels of car #6 (thanks Rick). The centres they cast here in Sydney, the rims they had spun in Melbourne. They have made wheels for other Bolwell models as well.

I have a template for my windscreen if anyone would like to borrow it.
NEXT time I'll ask them to put a black border around the edge on the windscreen, 2-3 cm should do, except for the bottom....make it about 10cm. It's a small thing, but this will tidy up the look of the car, especially when the bonnet is up.
Make sure it has the appropiate sticker.

I replaced my seatbelts and wands. The wands are abit fiddly to put in! I selected Klippan seatbelts, which you can buy from just about any parts place...they will need to order the model you want as it won't be a stock item. They have a Customer Support Line 1800 804 588, the person who answers can tell you alot about seatbelts for Holdens and Fords but nothing else, tell them you have a weird Bolwell kit car and they will soon put you onto the guru out the back who has all the answers.
Click HERE to visit the Klippan/Autoliv web site. They are based in Campbellfield, Victoria.

Brake Calipers
Fiat Brake calipers are getting harder to track down, this company in Victoria will send you reconditioned calipers on exchange.
The Italian Job Automotive
9 Wells Rd. Oakleigh VIC 3166 phone: 03 9569 7779
Click HERE to visit their web site.
Apparently Camira calipers are an easy upgrade from the Gemini calipers.

Ikara Moulds
oops, a few people have had accidents.
The SA Bolwell club has moulds for the nose cone, headlight housing, right hand front wheel arch and seat.
A Victorian club member has moulds for both rear guards, the rear panel and the two outside engine covers.
In WA there is a mould for the windscreen cross over (outside) section.

Ikara Parts List
I have a copy of the original parts list (from car #6, thanks Rick) with helpful additional notations! Eventually I will post it here, however if you need a copy let me know.

Ikara Wiring Diagram
I have a copy of the original wiring diagram (from car #6, thanks again Rick) as well as some alternatives!!! Eventually I will post it here, however if you need a copy let me know.

Car Insurance
I originaly had the car insured with Shannon (their advertising works), when it came up for renewal I asked for a quote from Torque after hearing some club members recommending them. Their quote was substantially cheaper.

Torque Insurance - Sydney
phone 1300 369 769

phone 13 46 46

Car Engineer
After talking to a few people I took  the Ikara to "Connolly Design and Engineering" to have work done on the windscreen support.
Unit 2/ 15 Priestley St Mittagong 2575
ph. (02) 4872 2701
Damien was very helpful, he has worked on a number of other Bolwells so he knew what he was in for!

When tackling the interior trim the following organisations have been useful.
Daley's Auto Marine and Upholstery Supplies Pty Ltd
Unit 3 / 195 Miller Rd, Villawood NSW 2163
ph. (02) 9794 5700
I purchased some bitumen trim board from them, they also sell carpet etc etc

Grippy Rubber Products
Unit 5 / 28 Vore St. Silverwater NSW 2128
ph. (02) 9898 9688
I purchased some reinforced rubber matting from them and some windscreen rubber. If I ever need to replace the fuel tank straps...they sell them! Huge selection.

21 Tattersal Rd Kings Park NSW 2148
ph. 02 8825 3488
also in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth
Click HERE to visit their website.
I purchased a sheet of sound deadening material (8104 ADH 1220 X 610 X 3MM) which I had to order through a retailer