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Bolwell Heritage Calendar 2003

scans fron Bolwell Heritage Calendar 2003....Ikara is the car for March-April

These can be found on the "Ikara in Print" page, followed by "...Bolwell Publications" page or just click HERE.

letter from Bolwell 1979

I have just been sent some letters (thanks Wayne) that were from "bolwell developments-automotive pty. ltd." to the Bolwell Car Club of Australia regarding a dispay of other Bolwell models at the launch of the Ikara and also about inclusion of the clubs details in the technical manual.

These can be found on the "Ikara in Print" page, followed by "...Bolwell Publications" page or just click HERE.

"The Refinisher" article from 1979

After lots of searching/waiting I have finally stumbled upon this edition of "The Refinisher". The article "Bolwell's back - with a world car" includes a great picture of Campbell Bolwell and his model Ikara.

Check it out under Ikara in Print or click HERE

Ikara #1 photos from 1979

I have just posted some photos on the Ikara #1 page, these where taken in 1979 when the car was in Sydney have some work done on the suspension.

Ikara 12 Back on the Road.

I have just posted some pictures of Ikara 12 taken mid December, the car is back on the road.

This great drawing is from 1991, not sure who the artist is.

Updates on Car #9 and #12

I have just updated the pages for these cars, seems car #9 has moved onto Victoria and car #12 is about to have a spruce up.

Website Updates

I have just updated the website...

listed under "Ikara in print"
Some photos from the magazine "World Cars 1981"
Another copy of The Age newlstter article

Some more photos of Ikara # 5 under Car # 5

A picture of Cambell Bolwell and Ikara # 1 under Car # 1

Ikara #4 progress photos

Wayne and his crew are hard at it, you can see the progress on The Ikara #4 photo page.

Ikara #5 in Hong Kong 2015

I have been sent a photo of the Hong Kong Ikara taken on the 25th January 2015, it is on the Ikara #5 page. Many thanks to Marc Yuen for spotting the car and finding this website.

Bolwell Ikara 2014

Michael Gray has penned some new designs for the Bolwel Ikara. You can view his work at

more photos

I have up loaded a picture of the chassis of Ikara # 1, three pictures of the work done on Ikara #4 and 4 pictures of Ikara #6 from Easter in McLaren Vale in 1994

Rear Chassis Modifications

I have just uploaded a PDF of chassis upgrades as done on Ikara #4, this can be downloaded on the "Ikara Resourses" page

2014 Easter @ Tumut

I have posted some photos for Ikara #11 for Tumut on the "....On Display" page

new photos of Ikara #4 and #11

I have just uploaded a photo of Ikara #4 on the "....more Ikara #4 photos" page


I have also uploaded a photo of Ikara # 11 on the "....On Display" page

New Video of Ikara #5

Click on the "Ikara #5" page to view an edited clip of the car in the 1986 Hong Kong Action film "Rosa"

Ikara 12 on Display

Ikara 12 was recently on display with ALL of the other Bolwell production models.

I have uploaded a few pictures from the day onto the "Ikara 12" page

New Video of Car #5

Car #5, the Hong Kong car, was used in the 1986 movie "Rosa". I have uploaded a photo and a video of this. Thanks to David Lynn for letting me know about this.

Updates on Car 4 and 11

Update on Cars 4 and 11 (including a photo)

more pictures from the Easter meeting in 1983

I have just posted two more pictures from the Hamilton Easter meeting in 1983, click on the "Multiple Ikaras" page

Latest picture of Ikara # 12

I have just posted another photo of Ikara #12 having some work done.

Multiple Ikaras

I have posted some pictures in on the "Multiple Ikaras" page...when one is not enough!

Ikara #11 on Display

I have created another picture gallery, click on Ikara # 11 then click on he sub menu "....On Display"

Ikara #4 moving to Queenland

I have posted four more photos of Ikara #4 on the "...more Ikara # 4 photos" page...this page will appear when you click on the Ikara #4 page.

Freshly painted Ikara # 11

Just came across the website of Adelaide Hills Panel Works which shows their finished work on Ikara # 11

View their site HERE

Ikara #11 progress

Ikara # 11

Ikara number 11 is almost complete, just needs to be measured up for front shocks and a new windscreen put in...the original one from 30 years ago has started to de-laminate. The car has been painted bright orange. I'll post some photos when they arrive.

More photos from Adeaide in 2004

I came across some photos that my friend Dave took on a trip out to Henley Beach in Adelaide in late 2004. The pictures are at the end of the gallery on THIS PAGE, or else click on "Car #8" and then click on "....Adelaide 2004"

"Ikara" Car magazine

A new Car Magazine called "Ikara" has been launched in South Africa.

This email came from Phuti Mpyane...

We started this publication last year in December, with the first issue going out in early January. We are currently readying our second issue for distribution. Interestingly our tabloid size newspaper is called IKARA and it’s published monthly.
The inspiration for the name is borne out of where it’s targeted for readership-which is Johannesburg’s main Black Townships such as Soweto. All our lives we’ve lived with the name IKARA which translates to CAR in various indigenous languages of RSA.
So when we sat down at thought of a name, IKARA sprang up and has now been put to print.

Peter Wherrett drives the Bolwell Ikara prototype

I have just added some great footage of Peter Wherrett driving the Bolwell Ikara Prototype.
Click on Car # 1

Ikara computer rendering

I came across these images on the Scratch Made Cars website...a forum for people making computer rendered versions of cars. These were an exercise Marvin made.    

Ikara Inspired...Jetstream

I saw this on John Low's Bolly Blog

From the Adelaide Advertiser, Saturday, 20th Sept. 2008 comes this little article on the Jetstream, made in the UK.

Western Australian Ikara...

Ikara # 12

On the 30th August I visited the owners of Ikara #12 in Perth, Western Australia. I had a tour through their workshop which housed a lovely MG TF and numerous Bolwells!! The Ikara is soon to have its restoration as the other projects are being finished.

I have added a picture from that trip of the Ikara Car # 12 page

Hong Kong Ikara

Some more information is emerging regarding the yellow Ikara that was in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong authorities say the car has definately left Hong Kong and at this stage it looks like it has gone to England....

Wheels article

I have just put the April 2008 Wheels magazine article about the 2008 Nagari on this site. Within the article it mentions the Ikara....

"The true underwriter of Bolwell's success today, however, is the ugly-ducking Ikara. A car that was born and built literally among kids' playground equipment, sailboat hulls and Hamburglars.

The Ikara was built to showcase our expertise in resin transfer moulding [RTM], which was a new system of moulding compsites, Campbell Bolwell explains. It was pretty basic sort of styling, but it won us so many contracts. It got the Bolwell group off to a pretty big start in supplying industry"

Click on Ikara in Print and then click on ....Wheels

Scottish Bolwell Ikara's

Well it nearly happened! Last week I received an email from James Smith via this site. Seems James had a ride in the Black Ikara Prototype and was interested in selling/building the cars in Scotland.

“When I came back to Scotland interest in the Ikara was amazing I was promoting not just on the styling (which I think stands up very well) but on the composites technology, and in particular the injection moulded windscreen surround which was very innovative, twenty five years ago. I set up a company and pushed the Ikara project, and was granted financial assistance from the Scottish Development Agency for the project.

I setup a factory in Stevenston in Ayrshire Fibre-teknic to produce the FRP components and an engineering company for the space frame and mechanics, pretty much by the time this was in place the project was sold on.  I had already begun to have a lot of interest in the car and contacted Bolwell direct and was given the same story that it went to Greece. I tried without success to find the new owners and even went to Greece, but found no trace of the car but ironically was asked if I could supply six cars!!!

I returned home and we began to build a new car based around the Ikara concept, while developing the plugs for the body, we were contracted by AC cars in Hillington to make the the FRP bodies for the ME 3000, we then worked on the plugs for their new model, but they moved back to England and we returned to our project now named the Icarus, originally intended to have the same mid engine golf set up time and cost meant we went for the simple beetle chassis and engine, we built six which went to Greece and another eight were built before we returned to the mid engine setup, however the project was shelved as we took on more contract work and for about ten years we were involved with VW tuning and body kits for the street and track, we also produced a variety of kit cars like the Kubel wagen, beach buggies a Porsche replicas, I still work in the composites industry in F1 and aerospace components”

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